Divinity Research Center (ILAMER)

ilamerbinaILAMER is a research center established to perform academic studies in the field of divinity sciences; develop projects and to share the generated knowledge at both national and international level. The Center started its studies in the beginning of 2006 as a subsidiary of İsilay Foundation.
Ilamer Research Center performs its studies and works under the light of the aims listed below:

1. To organize and coordinate studies supporting the graduate and undergraduate education; to create and encourage researchers and to prepare and implement complementary programs in the field of divinity
2. To establish and improve a research library; a documentation and archive unit.
3. To determinate the subjects and areas needed to be investigated or researched on in the field of divinity and conduct scientific studies on these areas.
4. To organize scientific activities (conferences; seminars and symposiums) at national and international level.
5. To plan and develop relations, partnerships and co-operations with local and foreign institutes, centers and universities working in similar fields
6. To collaborate with local and foreign authorities and experts for the realization of research , investigation and seminar studies.
7. To develop research teams complying with the aims of the center.